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Child Malnutrition-Dikom T.E

Introduction 70% of land in India is used for agricultural purposes. But still equal distribution of food has been an obstacle for ages. At the mean India has emerged as a global dynamic economy but also ranked as the child malnutrition capital of the world. Unfortunately, the prevalence of child malnutrition in tea gardens of Upper Assam is high. The below photographs are from Dikom T.E captured by the students showing the innocent lives becoming the victim of it.        If we can conquer space, we can conquer hunger too […]
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Alcoholism-Singlijaan T.E

Introduction Tea garden areas of Assam are the rich habitat for diverse culture, tradition and it is famed worldwide for the captive taste of its tea. These lush green areas are the popular tourist destinations for taking a stroll in and around the uniform plantations. But unfortunately the prevalence of local brew in few areas is a matter of concern. The photographs below are captured by students of Singlijaan T.E showing their concern to eradicate local wine prevalence in their areas.   Alcoholism is the hindrance for my family […]
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School Chale Hum (Let’s go to School)

Schools play a very important role in bringing overall development of a child. Along with study curriculum recreational activities contribute towards physical, mental and cognitive growth. Perhaps, students from every category of educational institutions are an important asset to the nation and are recognized as human capital for the nation. Therefore, education, teaching and learning should be emphasized in primary and secondary learning centers for future desirable outcomes. Today’s children tomorrows future An after mid day meal glimpse We learn, we play, we grow together Yes I caught the ball […]
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Sustainable Menstruation Management

Jeevan Jyoti (SHG), Maijan T.E-Dibrugarh Sustainable Menstruation Management The menstrual garbage possess a huge challenge for the environment and understanding the fact Jeevan Jyoti a Self Help Group from Maijan T.E, Dibrugarh is raising adequate awareness on sustainable menstrual hygiene in the very tea garden by making handwoven sanitary pads. The specialty about the sanitary pads is-it is reusable, biodegradable and the cost is kept reasonable so that tea garden women could easily afford it.  The main objective is to empower women at the grass root level by enabling them […]
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Sanitation Quantity vs. Quality

Sanitation – Quantity vs. Quality Greenwood T.E, Dibrugarh Sanitation refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and excreta. Adequate sanitation and proper practices can terminate the outbreak of many diseases but unfortunately throughout the world due to insufficient provisions for toilet has succumbed many people to illness. The photographs below are captured by community children reporters of Radio Brahmaputra Children in Media Experiment of Greenwood T.E on the present state of their toilets built under govt. schemes to eradicate open defecation practices. […]