Music will be more attractive if have guitar and microphone

Sumantra Mukherjee, NFI Fellow; Premshila Singh, Research Scholar, TISS – Guwahati Campus

Rumi Nayak, the community producer, is sitting in front of her computer editing her program segment “adda” which will be broadcast tomorrow on Brahmaputra Live (a live radio show airing on Radio Brahmaputra 90.4 MHz). The agenda of the program is voicing through participation of rural communities those who hardly have access to other media platforms. Every Saturday Radio Brahmaputra goes live with hard to reach communities. Thanks to its indigenously designed ‘narrow-casting’  there will be a group of people and in the middle, a transistor radio tuned at 90.4 MHz. The idea behind the live program is to come out with discussion and solution to various issues. The present show Brahmaputra Live asks pertinent questions to the people, the issue at present being, what are those socioeconomic vices that are holding the society back. Young people being the future were asked about the same,

Rumi on Field
A group discussion at Sessa Tea Estate, Dibrugarh, Assam

Last Tuesday, Rumi spoke to young men and women of Sessa Tea Estate what are the reasons that are preventing them from the realm of progress. The conversation was engaging as the young people, especially females were very vocal.

Tomorrow, the “ADDA” will be aired as part of Brahmaputra Live and one specific group of listeners from Chaulkhowa Tea Estate will participate in the live show and they will also discuss on the same issues through live on-air. So, tomorrow is another big day for the community as they listen to the young voices from their own community, in their own dialect for a better tomorrow.

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