Radio Parhasali: Edition-02

In the year 2020, Radio Brahmaputra has conducted a survey on “Online education during Covid-19”. The survey area includes the tea gardens and mainland villages of Dibrugarh and riverine and other villages of Dhemaji district. The result of the survey brought to our notice that more than 60% students do not have access to internet and smartphone to sit for online classes arranged by their respective schools (government schools).

During that juncture, as a communication intervention, Radio Brahmaputra has started the first edition of Radio Parhasali program for primary and upper primary students on Oct, 2020 to January 2021 to give access to the school curriculum through radio program.

The second edition of Radio Parhasali program has started on Aug 2021 with the same vision to give educational access to the students those who are deprived by the pandemic from their regular learning through online classes. The report Radio Pahrasali: 02 presenting the initiative on how Radio Brahmaputra reached to the most marginalized students of our communities by breaking the monologue pattern of radio program to a participatory dialogue pattern.

Year Published: 2021; Publication Type: Report; Contact: Bhaskar Jyoti Bhuyan,

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