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Radio Resources

We stockpile a vast library of materials from planning to research, survey to programs, outreach to broadcast for future productions, innovations and interventions.

Our resources are stockpiled which help to analyze organizational performance and plan and design future productions and interventions. It is attributed to optimize the use of research for the penetration of effective programs and initiatives in marginalized areas. It is a gateway for future community based interventions to access information to assist in all aspects of our service.

Radio Packaging

Concept Note

We follow a systematic disciplinary order for qualitative and quantitative study or in dealing with projects and programs. Preciseness, specificity, accuracy and systematic approach are the fundamental ingredients for every new initiatives and intervention.


We plan it out in advance to make sure we produce and present the best content possible. Since our target audience is generally from marginalized communities therefore we make the language simple, concise and succinct so that people understand messages easily.


We use simple means to convey messages or deliver information to community. Perhaps, we articulate our messages to build community interest of our programs than we transmit or broadcast through various formats thus ensuring free flow of informations.


We educate marginalized communities about issues through various programs. Our programs motivate people by presenting information in a compelling way. Perhaps, we promote knowledge on various issues and help in decision making for change.

Radio +

Participatory Control

Our outreach initiatives and program broadcast obtain full participation from community. We bring accountability ensuring transparency in information dissemination community engagement. We give opportunity for people representation for different ethnicities.

Message matrix

Our message matrix intents to spread information raise awareness and create understanding on various issues. It also influence decision making and perspective provides practical guidance to situations. It also helps in transmitting vital information.

Community Mapping

We help marginalized communities to identify, understand, analyze and resolve issues engaging, educating and empowering communities. Eventually. this paradigm potentially helps in the transformation of community understanding on relevant situation prevailing.

Books & Publication

Publishing & Archival

We create classification worksheets and metadata on community development works and programs and enter into a simple database for future community developmental interventions such as programs and outreach and for academic and community research.

Capacity building on Community Media Approaches


We create a platform to engage marginalized communities where they can publish their own stories and also write and tell the world about their own community stories and issues, developmental works, rituals, traditions, culture, folklore and community practices


We prepare local correspondents from amongst various marginalized communities and encourage them to write on issues relating to human and social development where community journalism helps in lessening the isolationism from world based stories.

Participatory Photography

This component aims to build and enhance a tradition for visual research on community context. It will help to externalize community emotions more easily offering richer understanding of isolated life experiences documenting community life, culture and tradition.

Community Videography

It is the documentation of every isolated happenings and issues that makes news in various marginalized communities. The intent behind is to encourage and involve community engagement for community community visual storytelling.

Radio Programming

The idea behind this concept is to develop content and transform it into radio programs by community representatives exclusive from the marginalized communities. It is a platform created to engage communities through communicative and interactive programming.